History of the association

Montolieu Village du Livre et des Arts has built up a solid reputation for more than 30 years thanks to the bookshops, the book craftsmen and the Museum of Book Arts and Crafts. It all began in 1990 when Michel Braibant, bookbinder in Carcassonne, wanted to create a European conservatory of Book Arts and Crafts.

His intention was to transmit the memory of the book trade by welcoming the public to the craftsmen’s homes. Thanks to his personal collection and donations, the museum opened in 1991.

At the same time, antique bookstores began to take part in the adventure. Twenty years later, artists moved in and gave a new impetus, joined for the last 3 years by the “Cooperative Musée Cérès Franco” presenting an exceptional collection of art brut.

The Association “Montolieu Village du Livre et des Arts – Musée des Arts et Métiers du Livre” works, in particular, for the influence and the perpetuation of the Village du Livre et des Arts and proposes meetings and artistic and cultural practices throughout the year.

"There is no realization that is not utopian at the beginning"

Michel Braibant

Each year:

Over 52,000 people visit us
2000 students from schools, colleges and high schools discover our workshops


Montolieu today is:

Thanks to its specificity, an unusual business in a rural environment, Montolieu is a key stake in the tourist development plan of the territory set up by the Community of Communes of Cabardès to the Canal du Midi, the Pays Carcassonnais, the General Council of the Aude and the Languedoc-Roussillon region.

The association “Montolieu Village du Livre et des Arts” is part of the local cultural and touristic development through the promotion, the animation and the development of Montolieu village of books and its surroundings.

This place offers to bibliophiles, art and culture lovers or simple walkers, an original panorama of the extent and the variety of the old and second-hand books, of the trades and training attached.


  • Michel Braibant

Conseil d’administration

  • Fabienne Amalric
  • Arne Aullas D’Avignon
  • Marc Chambaud
  • Sébastien Ducrocq
  • Jeanne Etoré-Lortholary
  • Noëlie Lezzar
  • Marie-Cécile Micouleau
  • Félix Morel
  • Marc Rogez
  • Lise Rojanski
  • Aline Rouch
  • Leonard Van Veldhoven
  • Jérôme Yager
  • Michel Yvon

Directrice : Fanny Ansel

Chargé de l’accueil et des ateliers pédagogiques : Lionel Dollet

Président : Sébastien Ducrocq

Vice-président : Leonard Van Veldhoven

Trésorière : Lise Rojanski

Secrétaire : Noëlie Lezzar

Secrétaire adjointe : Fabienne Amalric

Membres de droit

  • Moulin à papier de Brousses
  • Musée-Coopérative Collection Cérès Franco