The Aude, a territory of 6,139 km2 with 47 km of Mediterranean coastline, a population of 370,000 inhabitants (in 2018), 7,300 farms, 622 of which are organic, two Unesco World Heritage Sites, the Canal du Midi and the fortified city of Carcassonne. 

We travel there, in the diversity of landscapes and climates that delights us at every moment.

From the freshness of the Nore peak in the Black Mountain, to the beaches of the Mediterranean coast, going back to the Pyrenean heights, it is an enchantment behind each hill, at the turn of each small road, as long as you leave the main roads.

Rich and varied soils: green or dry reliefs, forests and meadows, villages nestled and coiled between the interlacing of rivers, plains and plateaus, welcoming lakes… Corbières, Limouxin, Haute-Vallée, Cabardès, Minervois, Narbonnais, Carcassonnais, Malepère, Lauragais, Razès, so many countries in this… Petite France, which enchants us.