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Grande Ourse Gallery / Christophe Souques

We all have a Palace in our heart. In our heart. A gallery where surges and disappearances are expressed… from the sideboards to the garbage cans, everything will be recycled. And where does it go? It is a real treaty. The treaty on the rigorous and constant appearances of harmonious chaos. We are a passenger here. It is not temporal, nor territorial, nor personal. Whoever walked on the moon never forgot. And it is not so easy to look the sun in the face. In the same way, we cannot forget when we have walked in the palace of our heart. We arrive with a name; we leave with a vibration.

Pôle culturel de la Manufacture
20 impasse de la Manufacture
11170 Montolieu

06 76 10 86 50

Painting, drawing, sculptur