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Workshop NL
Nathalie Louveau
9 place de l’église
11170 Montolieu
06 81 17 20 90


Graduated in graphic arts from the Emile Cohl school (Lyon) where she studied illustration, comics and cartoons. Today she works in publishing (books, games…), communication (flyers, posters, wine labels…) and paints on walls. She is particularly fond of live drawing and fills sketchbooks that she always carries in her bag. She is published by the Cabardès editions: many guides on the Canal du Midi, the city, the Aude, the Middle Ages or on the Occitan language with “Les mots des occitans” in collaboration with Michel Piquemal.

“Aude, carnet de voyage” is her latest work, published in November 2020. In personal projects, she has created a character, Mademoiselle Frange, who bounces from leporello to pop up. For several years, she has shared her adventure around drawing by offering educational workshops and drawing classes.